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Many companies choose not to give out promotional products because they feel that they are too expensive. Some feel that shrinking advertising dollars are best spent elsewhere during this economic squeeze. But the truth of the matter is that promotional items such as imprinted travel mugs, pens, pencils, key chains, tote bags and magnets are exactly what you should be spending a portion your limited advertising budget on.

Why? There simply isn't a more economical way to advertise your business and reach as many people as possible. Just take a look at the following reasons why imprinted travel mugs and other promotional items are a good investment:

* Inexpensive - When compared with other types of advertisement, promotional products are very inexpensive. Newspaper ads can cost hundreds of dollars for a small black and white spot. Full page color ads cost thousands. If you want your very own insert in the newspaper, you can expect to spend a lot more. Television ads cost even more. So, when it comes down to it, promo items really don't cost a lot to purchase and distribute.

* Enduring - Promo products will also be around a lot longer than these other types of ads. Just think about how long you've had your favorite coffee mug. If you hand out travel mugs imprinted with your company logo, they could still be in existence and will probably still be used regularly years from now.

* Visible - Branded promo products are extremely visible. Unlike an ad that may be perused by one person per printed copy, promotional items such as imprinted travel mugs are seen by many people. They are carried about in public; they are set on desks and counters; they are loaned and borrowed; and they are used over and over again. One mug has the potential to be viewed by hundreds of people.

* Durable - Products also last longer than other types of promotional items. They are made from materials other than paper and tend to weather use and wear better than printed materials such as brochures and coupons. If they are dropped and/or lost, there is also a good change that someone else will pick them up and use them instead of throwing them away.

So, if you have been avoiding purchasing imprinted travel mugs featuring your company logo because you felt you couldn't afford to, ask yourself this question: Can you really afford NOT to? Promotional products are the most cost effective way to advertise your business. If you haven't been taking advantage promo advertising, you've been missing out on a great opportunity to increase your business and bottom line through advertisement.

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